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It is an alternative in many cases to botulinum toxin (botox). It maintains good hydration of the skin, even in its deepest layers, so that it maintains its thickness, volume and smoothness. It can be used to avoid or delay the appearance of wrinkles or also to treat them when they are in their most incipient phase of appearance. When applied by intradermal injection, hyaluronic acid has been clinically shown to stimulate and activate fibroblasts even in the elderly, which means that in addition to providing greater volume to the skin, it also stimulates the formation of collagen. Hence, this treatment is currently being used to eliminate certain wrinkles: Nasogenial grooves, those that start from the nose to the sides of the mouth. The folds of the lips and the corners of the lips, in the contour line of the lips. Those of the eyebrows. Crow's feet. Those on the forehead, among others.


Botulinum toxin, better known as botox (the brand name for the first such drug to be marketed), is actually the toxin that botulism produces. However, its ability to produce muscular paralysis is used to use it for medical purposes in the treatment of certain neurological diseases and in aesthetic medicine for expression wrinkles, which is why it is best known. When it comes to the removal of facial wrinkles, botox offers clear advantages: It avoids surgery. It can be applied at any time of the year. It is a practically painless technique. Its effects are immediate and last between five and six months. It has hardly any contraindications. It rarely produces side effects, such as allergic reactions, facial stiffness, or nausea. The technique consists of the infiltration by an extra fine needle of the botulinum toxin in the muscle of the area to be treated, causing its relaxation and inhibiting its movement. Hence, its fundamental application in aesthetics is the treatment of expression wrinkles, that is, those that appear on the eyebrows, the forehead, the corners of the lips or the contour of the eyes.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a product with great benefits and many uses. Among its current indications is the treatment of alopecia and skin aging. One of its main advantages is that it is a product that is obtained from the patient himself, so it does not cause problems of allergies or rejections. Furthermore, it does not require previous tests, only the dermatological evaluation of the patient (medical history and physical examination with clinical imaging). It is necessary to extract a little blood (20 cc) and then it is placed in a machine (centrifuge) that is in charge of separating the blood into several parts. One of them will be the PRP, which will be used, to infiltrate the area of ​​the skin or scalp to be treated with very fine needles. The only thing added to PRP is a calcium compound to activate platelets and release growth factors, which are the key elements of treatment. It is a minimally painful technique and with it very good results are achieved. Platelet-rich plasma contains abundant growth factors, they are substances that help new blood vessels to be generated in the area that we infiltrate, reaching more nutrients to it, and that help us to increase the proliferation of cells and fibers, among them some as interesting and well-known as collagen and elastin, which give consistency to the skin. In the case of infiltration of the scalp for the treatment of alopecia, the appearance of new hair is achieved and the thickness of the existing hair is increased. All this is perceived as an increase in capillary density. In the case of skin infiltration (face or décolleté) for photo treatment or chrono-aging, it is possible to increase elasticity, decrease sagging, increase luminosity and decrease wrinkles.

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