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Placing grafts on the skin of the burnt and improving the appearance of his injuries and scars


In the majority of breast cancers that occur, treatment involves a mastectomy, that is, the removal of part of the breast, or the entire breast, as well as the surrounding tissue. Reconstructive surgery works here to restore the affected organ, which undoubtedly has very positive psychological effects on a woman's self-esteem.


In many of these cases, restorative surgery may have a microsurgery intervention integrated if nerves, tendons or small bones are affected. This is the case, for example, of amputations or deformities caused by accidents, arthroplasties (replacement of joints by prostheses), head or facial injuries and eye injuries. Reconstructive surgery is also used to correct and hide the scars and other marks that the accident has left on the patient's skin.


In this case, reconstructive surgery addresses a wide variety of cases, among which we mention vascular lesions (hemangiomas, congenital nevi ...), cleft palate, cleft lip, facial or limb malformations, cranial deformities, abnormalities in normal growth of the breasts that cause breast asymmetries, etc.


When the treatment of a tumor consists of the removal of the tissue and the skin, the specialist in reconstructive surgery will act to recover, as far as possible, its functionality and improve the appearance of the affected area.

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